Saturday, January 26, 2013

My presentation on "Introduction to Pig"

Few months back, I conducted a 2-hour workshop on "Introduction to Pig" at Fifth Elephant, Bangalore, India on 26th July, 2012. This is a community-powered conference on the Big Data ecosystem.

As part of this workshop, I have touched a bit on Hadoop, MapReduce and Hive. But as the title says, the focus was on Apache Pig. I have also demoed few usecases of execution of Java MapReduce, Hive and Pig. And also a brief overview and demo of Twitter's Ambrose UI for visualizing Pig MapReduce jobs.

Here are the slides of my presentation. This presentation gives a basic understanding of
  1. Big Data
  2. Basics of Hadoop and MapReduce
  3. Landscape of Hadoop ecosystem
  4. Introduction to Apache Pig
  5. Basics of Pig and Pig Latin
  6. Pig vs. Hadoop MR
  7. Pig vs. SQL and Pig vs. Hive
  8. Twitter Ambrose for visualizing Pig MR Jobs

I have also posted the same slides on Speaker Deck.
Code developed for the demos in this workshop can be found on Github.

Update on 05th April, 2015: After a fair bit of time here, I have moved on to GitHub hosted Octopress blogs. Please find me on henceforth for all new updates.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Aaron Swartz Memorial at New York

Aaron Swartz, a very accomplished and a highly talented nerd committed suicide last Friday, i.e. 11th January, 2013 at an young age of 26 years. So many people have written so much about him. Check the complete Wikipedia page and check the References section of his Wikipedia page for more info and other articles written by his friends. He has left wonderful impressions on Reddit, Creative Commons, SOPA, Markdown, RSS, to name a few of his outstanding contributions.
Aaron Swartz
Aaron's memorial was held on Saturday, 19th January, 2013 at Cooper Union, New York. Here is the complete set of recorded videos from his memorial which are hosted on livestream. There are totally 6 videos which you must checkout to understand what are his contributions and how talented a person he was and what impressions he has left people with, even such an young age.
If you are hard-pressed for time, then ensure you at least check the message from Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, partner of Aaron, embedded below. It is really inspiring.

Rest in peace Aaron!!