Friday, December 21, 2012

My User Settings of Sublime Text

In an earlier post, I have listed all the plugins I use in my Sublime Text Editor.

Whenever you edit your Settings in Sublime Text, ensure you update Settings - User under Preferences and not any other file since once you install an update to Sublime Text, the installer does not fiddle with Settings - User and hence you can retain all your settings even in the updated version. Donot update Settings - Default, since it will be erased with the latest version's Settings file.

I played around my Settings and currently I have configured my Sublime Text as per my requirement. Here are my User Settings:
Use these settings as the base and try to create your own flair for your work as per your taste. I am sure it will help you in increased efficiency and productivity in your work. All the best!

Update on 05th April, 2015: After a fair bit of time here, I have moved on to GitHub hosted Octopress blogs. Please find me on henceforth for all new updates.