Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Packages in Sublime Text

If I am not working on Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA, I will be grokking on Sublime Text 2. Its a wonderful text editor and in fact it's more than a text editor. Unlimited trial period, multiple cursors, easy customization, etc are its main USPs.

There are a number of blogposts which explain why / how Sublime Text is good. Two of them are from NetTuts. Follow them and see how simple and easy it is to configure and personalize Sublime as per your requirements:
If you have followed the above articles, you would know that the first thing you do after installing Sublime Text is, install Package Control and its all simple from there to install other packages.

Following is the list of packages I have right now which are very useful for my work.
First install Package Control and then search for the required packages in Package Control for installation, that's all you have to do.
In a future post, I will add my User Settings of Sublime Text.

Update on 05th April, 2015: After a fair bit of time here, I have moved on to GitHub hosted Octopress blogs. Please find me on http://P7h.org henceforth for all new updates.